About Us

Xinhua Bookstore U.S.A. Corporation, headquartered in Queens New York, and established in the year 2008, has been supplying school supplies, gift items, books, audio & video content many different institutions including libraries, Chinese schools as well as Chinese-Americans and the general public at large who are keenly interested in the Chinese language and culture.

Reaching this wide audience was achieved by establishing strong cooperative relationships with the National Association of Chinese schools, local libraries, and the United Nations bookshop which ultimately enabled us to build a strong brand reputation.

Our reputation and relationships were built on many years of experience in the book distribution business, which was acquired through a keen understanding of the reading orientations of our customers and meeting those needs with carefully tailored lines of products.

To this end and towards the future, our mission goals are not only to provide our customers with better customer service, and a better quality of reading experiences but also, in sowing the seeds that will allow for a deeper understanding of the Chinese people and it’s culture.

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